Akashic Field Therapy Introduction

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Akashic Field Therapy

event_160440072An Akashic Field Therapy session is for anyone who would like more out of their life than is currently possible. Many people who schedule a session report some of the following conditions:

  • Not experiencing the degree of aliveness, freedom, joy, inner peace, love, prosperity, balance, empowerment, confidence, happiness & well-being that you desire.
  • Currently feel stuck – unable to achieve forward movement no matter how hard you try.
  • Continually sabotage in some way or hold themselves back.
  • Are stuck in negative behavioral patterns: especially lack of self-love or issues of self worth, fear, guilt, anger, frustration, or suffering.
  • Desire a clearer connection with the Source of their being – spiritual awareness.
  • Desire to clear your path of any obstacles to living the life you desire.
  • Are committed to their spiritual path and purpose, and desire to evolve to the highest level possible
  • Akashic Field Therapy Rates:
    • Intro Single Session (New Clients only) –  $111
    • Explorer – 3 sessions (1 per week for 3 weeks)– $300
    • Emotional Release – 6 sessions (1 per week for 6 weeks) – $560
    • Self-Mastery – 10 sessions –(1 per week for 10 weeks $840)



Rewind your Beliefs!

Rewind your Beliefs and set yourself Free in 2014!

Akashic Field Therapy takes a look at Core Beliefs that might be holding you back from reaching your goals. One session can unravel a core issue that no longer serves you.

Shift out of the old and into the NEW…

Belief Rewind Session – $111

Each session includes:

*Personalized access into your Akashic Record

*A private one on one session via phone or Skype

*A personal Healing Affirmation to rewrite the patterns

*A copy of the Worksheet for future reference

Email Valerie for more info at val@valerieelster.com or click on the Rewind your Beliefs button above to purchase via Paypal.

Rewind your Beliefs session valid through Jan. 31, 2014.

Violet Flame LIVE Meditation & Transmutation

Start the New Year off by releasing any emotional traumas and transmute Fear into LOVE!

Love Exchange: $11.11
Paypal payments: paypal@valerieelster.com

This is very powerful time on the planet that is forcing everyone to release what no longer serves their highest good.

I will call in the powerful energies of Ascended Master St. Germain, the keeper of the Violet Ray of Freedom and transmutation.

When: Saturday, January 4th
Time: 10 am PST
Where: Virtual / Online

In this LIVE 30 minute guided meditation, I’ll be working with the powerful Violet Flame energy to assist you to move through any lower vibrations energies.

Please be prepared to lie down or be in a comfortable chair and preferably in a quiet setting. You can write down any fears you’d like to transmute prior to the meditation.

I’m using Google Hangout for this meditation and will post the link at 9:45 am (15 minutes prior to the show start.)

This WILL be available afterwards as a replay on YouTube.

Love Exchange: $11.11  - Use the link below!

Valerie ♥

Gift Certificates – Order & Relax!

Looking for a unique gift idea? Order any of my services and I’ll email your recipient a gift certificate within 24 hours.

valerie holiday certificateContact me for more info!


Tap into your own Innate Healing Power!! Virtual Class

event_160440072A class designed to ignite and refine your own innate healing power. You have the wisdom inside already, there is nothing to learn.. it’s more about remembering these gifts we all share as humans.

This is a 3-part class, 1 hour instruction each via online LIVE stream – link will be provided upon registration!

After the class series, you will be able to work on yourself and other people, animals, etc.

Class 1 – Saturday, November 30th – 11 to 12 pm PST

This class will focus on the energy systems of the body, the chakra system, etheric or auric system and how to set your intentions for healing, basic healing overview.

*45-minute instruction & 15 minutes for questions
*3 page booker will be provided as an outline and basic info during the class
*Discount on private healing session through me :)

Energy Exchange: $22 – paid online through Paypal (see ticket link to purchase your spot)

Class #2 – Date (TBD)

This class will focus on generating energy to facilitate hearings, hand positions to work on yourself and others.

*45 minute instruction & 15 minutes for questions
*2-3 page booklet will be provided as an outline

Class #3 – Date (TBD)

This class will focus on more advanced healing techniques, how to incorporate crystals, sounds, etc. into your sessions.

Each class is $22 or sign up for all three for $60!

NEW 5D Vortex Energy Healing Sessions!



Very excited to offer 5D Vortex Energy Healing sessions in this powerful and changing time!

Connect with the space of “no space” and enter a new paradigm by aligning with the Unified Field of Consciousness.

*Connects you to Zero Point
*Re-aligns the Chakra Energy Centers
*Expands knowingness & being-ness
*Aligns to the Galactic Center or Milky Way

Cost: $75

Available via phone or Skype!

New 5D Codes – Downloads

5D Codes

1. Awareness of Planetary Dimensions Realms – 30 minutes
2. Knowledge of Inter-dimensional Travel – 30 minutes
3. Seeing the Dimensions as One with your Soul – 30 minutes
4. Knowledge of All things Light – Christ Consciousness – Level 1, 2 & 3 – 30 minute each
5. Total recognition of the I AM presence – 30 minute download

Each download is $22 payable via Paypal.

I set up the code in the Quantum and you download at your leisure.

Contact me for more info!



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